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Miller, Christopher M. (Mike)
276.971.4630 (cell)
Manager, Architectural Sales
Segmental Retaining Walls/Architectural Concrete Masonry
[email protected]

Newberry, Teresa A.
Coordinator, Architectural Sales
Architectural Concrete Masonry
[email protected]

Easy Trowel Edges

Easy Trowel Edges

The upscale, polished appearance of Reflective would not be complete without finished edges and precise joints. Every Reflective unit is made with machined, beveled edges on all 4 sides of the Reflective face. Although small and inconspicuous, these beveled edges allow normal handling without chipping during installation.

Once installed, the beveled edges provide a smooth edge for the masonís trowel to follow, producing a perfect joint every time.

Another detail that makes Reflective Americaís premier masonry unit!