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E. Dillon and Companyís dolomite is the highest quality, most durable construction aggregate available in southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia. Dillonís dolomite is physically superior to limestone and even most granites! This is due to its much better resistance to freeze/thaw deterioration.

A recent study done by Bowser-Morner, Inc. indicates that during a typical year of 40 freeze thaw cycles, Dillonís dolomite performed approximately 10% better than our closest competitor!

Dillonís dolomite is used as a sub-base in highway construction, in asphalt, in ready mix concrete, and in innumerable other applications (see Industrial and Agricultural products). E. Dillon and Company was chosen to supply the coarse aggregate and manufactured sand for all ready mix concrete used in the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers regional dam projects: Fishtrap Dam, R.D. Bailey Dam, and the John W. Flannagan Dam. Dillonís dolomite was chosen for these projects for only one reasonóit is more durable and lasts longer. What kind of aggregate do you want for your next project?

For over 140 years E. Dillon and Company has provided dependable service and quality.